• Channel Manager

Channel Manager manages all channels in one central system.
This saves you valuable time and achieves a high degree of occupancy.

Why a GHIX Channel Manager?

Managing room prices and availability has become extremely time-consuming and complex with the increasing number of online portals.


The room prices and availability must be constantly updated and maintained in the online portals. This maintenance is no longer possible manually and individually. It results in overbooking and revenue losses due to unrealized bookings. Thus, optimal occupancy of the hotel is not possible.


The GHIX Channel Manager does this time-consuming work for you. The room rates and availability are automatically transmitted to online portals. The time spent is reduced to a minimum, and optimal occupancy is achieved. Of course, the Channel Manager can also be connected to the PMS and our SuperBooking.


A wide range of connections are possible

  • Online portals221

  • PMS 77

  • Wholesaler / Tour Operator 69

Overview of connections

We connect you with over

online portals
Wholesaler / Tour Operator

Our brand new version

Even faster and even more possibilities

Management of numerous room types and price categories

Derive room types and/or price categories from one another

Book several room types of the same quota, single room from the double room quota

Hotel chains can manage all properties on a single screen

User-friendly navigation and easy-to-understand functions

Thanks to multiple links to the same portal, different sites are managed via a single account

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