• Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing turns visitors into guests.
The result is more direct bookings and fewer commission.

GHIX Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This could also be called search engine perfecting
Is your hotel already in the pole position?
Or do potential guests still struggle to find your hotel?

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) offers a unique opportunity to address potential guests at just the right moment. At the precise moment that your hotel offer is searched for. SEA thus avoids wastage and results in a high conversion rate. Your ad will only be displayed to potential guests whose search terms match your hotel's offer.

Our SEA strategy:

  • Continuous optimization and monitoring of KPI
  • Integration of all relevant channels (Google Display Network, Gmail, YouTube, etc.)
  • 'Mobile first' strategy, optimized for mobile devices and mobile desktop results
  • Immediate adjustment when updating the result displays
  • Monthly report


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Website Design

A great design with beautiful pictures.
Every website should feature these characteristics.
But a successful hotel website must be able to do more than just look good.

How quickly can a room be booked? Our websites achieve conversions by providing an excellent user experience and an innovative design.

Time and attention are critical. The performance depends on the programming and configuration of the server. We guarantee top performance.

Mobile is not a trend; mobile is the future. That is why our websites are responsive. Potential guests should be able to book your hotel from anywhere.

The website can be easily and flexibly maintained via the CMS. This makes it easy to make adjustments at any time.

Our strengths

Attractive design and first class performance

High resolution images and videos

User experience and conversion

Speed and performance

SEO and analytics

Responsive design

Easy maintenance  

Software tools

We like to think OUT-OF-THE-BOX.
Because smart software tools increase direct bookings.

Mr. & Mrs. GHIX

We will get your direct bookings back on track

Price comparison

Five languages

Individual design

Our products in action